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The Maven  [admin] 
Lens for safari
4 Nov 2005 at 03:43 GMT
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I'm thinking of going on safari next year. So I've gotta start planning my equipment now. Will be going to Singapore for Xmas, so it's a great time to stock up on lenses. At the moment, I've got:

Canon 10D
50mm f1.8
Tamron 28-75 (probably going to leave at home)
70-400 F4L
420EX flashgun

I'm considering:
300 f4 IS + 1.4x extender
Canon 20D

Considering that I've already got a 70-200F4L, which do you think would be the best choice for me? Do you need as much reach as possible for safari? Or is a general purpose 100-400L a better choice?

And is it worth getting a 20D if I've already got a 10D (will become backup for the trip)?

Do you know if flash is allowed on a safari? And is there any point of adding some fill flash in the day (or is it pointless due to the range anyway)?

Yanik Tissera 
re: Lens for safari
20 Jun 2006 at 11:29 GMT
number of posts: 3
member since: 6 Jun 06
location: lk

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Hey hey,
well i do a lot of trips to the jungles here in Sri Lanka, my advise is to take the lense that reaches the furthest..I use a 500mm with a teleconverter, but its earll hard using the teleconverter..sometimes cause of the movement of the animals..

FORGET ABOUT THE FLASH.....dont ever use flash photography on any animal....i presume ud be in a car if your going on safari, generally your not allowed out of the take a bean bag, or pillow so that you can rest your camera on the door/window..Take a wide angle for senery, and maybe a macro for the lil bugs and bees your run into..

Hope this helps, Good luck
looking forward to seeing what you come up with
Yanik Tissera 
re: Lens for safari
20 Jun 2006 at 11:37 GMT
number of posts: 3
member since: 6 Jun 06
location: lk

status: offline
Ok i dont know whats going on....Not sure why its signing in as Kari, im yanik.....whats going on!!! ahhhh sorry for so many posts...
re: Lens for safari
28 Jun 2006 at 02:51 GMT
number of posts: 5
member since: 16 Jan 06
location: sg

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Duane: you imported the forums from Vizero? (or is this the Vizero forums in disguise? hee hee) Anyway, the 300 F4L IS + 1.4x does rock as I suspected. hurhur

Yanik: How'd you manage to use the Bigma with a TC? I tried a 1.4x on mine and not only does it not AF (because the min aperture is now >F5.6) but the image quality is horrible...
The Maven  [admin] 
re: Lens for safari
30 Jun 2006 at 17:21 GMT
number of posts: 330
member since: 13 Jan 06
location: uk

status: offline
Thanks for the reponses. I know what you mean by needing as much range as one can get. Even the zoo can be a challenge for that! I've gone for the 100-400L in the end - mainly because of the versatile range and IS. Thanks to Denosha for helping me get hold of one. My holiday in Singapore was too short to do much shopping.

Yanik - the name depends on what display name you've set in your preferences.

Denosha - LOL, we took the forum code from Vizero. So some of the posts got moved as well. Lazy lazy eh?
Guest  [admin] 
re: Lens for safari
20 Nov 2006 at 01:02 GMT
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I would strongly consider getting a high quality lens with good reach too. Most of us know that 500L and 600 L are true gems to have available for such aan important trip as what you described. They are both quite heavy but hardly a real factor if indeed you really do most all of your shooting from inside or near your vehicle. Immagine either of them along with a 1.4 TC or maybe even a 2X . I just wonder though if you might want to look into a 300 f2.8 along with a 2X. The 300 2.8 L is quite possibly the absolute sharpest lens in Canons arsenal and that includes most of the primes. You seriously could put a 2X on it and still get fabulous shots too. I only mention it as a possibility because when you come home from your trip you would still have a lens I believe you would find more use for regularly than say the 500 and 600 L glass. I can only dream of ever possesing any of these three lenses so you get what works for you and enjoy yourself for me. I would enjoy seeing pictures .

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