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Michael Clark 
Canon EOS1d MarkIIn
8 Jul 2006 at 05:05 GMT
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Hi, I wanted to see if anyone else is out there using this camera and start a discussion thread about tips and tricks related to this particular camera. I particularly like the solid body, water resistant case and high speed shutter.
re: Canon EOS1d MarkIIn
10 Jul 2006 at 11:42 GMT
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I have been using the mk II (not the n variation) for the last year.
The camera is the best all round camera I have ever used. The build quality is fantastic, the speed of response and the A/F can't be bettered by any other camera.
The crop means that you can get away with some of the better non L series lens as well.
The sensor is virtually noise free up to 800 ISO and even above that is remarkable.
The battery will also last a fair old time (especially if you don't use the LCD much). My main tip is get a second (non Canon) battery for it cheaply on e bay. These batteries aren't sealed in the way the Canon ones are (but cost about 20% of the price!) so use that one indoors and in controled environments make sure you switch to the canon battery when out in the rain or half way up a mountain.
The best thing about this camera is that I don't have to think or worry about it whatever environment I am just keeps on working.
Unless you really need massive prints (and I mean massive the mk II will easially cope with double page spreads if you take in RAW and are carefull) this is the only camera you need. If you really need large files then go for the 1Ds.
The extra things on the n (larger screen and auto switching between cf and sd cards) are great, but not enough to upgrade.
nathan hulse 
re: Canon EOS1d MarkIIn
5 Jan 2008 at 14:09 GMT
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member since: 15 Oct 07
location: uk

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I have a 1dmk11n, and a 20D. I'm not really sure bout tips and tricks. I've just sent my up for my purposes.

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