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Michael Clark 
Photos of Sex
10 Nov 2006 at 19:24 GMT
number of posts: 6
member since: 19 Jan 06
location: us

status: offline
Well, my last two blogs didnt raise any eyebrows, so I tried this.


The Maven  [admin] 
re: Photos of Sex
5 Dec 2006 at 22:17 GMT
number of posts: 330
member since: 13 Jan 06
location: uk

status: offline
LOL.. I bet the number of clicks on this post will shoot through the roof.
Guest  [admin] 
re: Photos of Sex
10 Feb 2007 at 12:54 GMT
number of posts: 171955
member since: unknown
location: unknown

status: offline
hahaha, well...yeah...
re: Photos of Sex
13 Feb 2007 at 09:18 GMT
number of posts: 83
member since: 6 Dec 06
location: uk

status: offline
If you want to raise eyebrows and be attacked for posting unworthy images, try shooting an apricot!
See and in particular comment number 12.

post replying to Michael Clark's post:

>  Well, my last two blogs didnt raise any eyebrows, so I tried this.



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