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The Maven  [admin] 
New camera for wife
6 Jun 2007 at 18:25 GMT
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member since: 13 Jan 06
location: uk

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Any suggestions for what new camera to get the wife? She wants something compact that fits in the handbag. But at the same time, it's got to have a versatile lens. Pink colour is optional. What do you guys think?
The Maven  [admin] 
re: New camera for wife
6 Jun 2007 at 18:27 GMT
number of posts: 330
member since: 13 Jan 06
location: uk

status: offline
I just realised how the title of this post looks. Just to clarify, I'm looking for a new camera to buy FOR the wife. Not swapping a "new camera for wife".
re: New camera for wife
7 Jun 2007 at 00:17 GMT
number of posts: 83
member since: 6 Dec 06
location: uk

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lol, that was funny!

Well, do not get a Nikon Coolpix L6. No good. When I was away at Christmas a fellow holiday maker had a Canon Powershot I think it was with image stablizaton. When we compared shots, hers made my pics look like real beginner stuff! I was really impressed with what her camera could do. I had a Nikon Coolpix 3200 before present point and shoot but it was dropped a couple of times and that was a much better camera than the L6. So definitely look at Canon but I don't think Powershots come in pink.
Jude Walsh 
re: New camera for wife
7 Jun 2007 at 23:19 GMT
number of posts: 9
member since: 4 Jun 07
location: uk

status: offline
I've seen web sites featuring a new compact from Kodak, called V803. It has 8.0mp and it comes in pink and various other colours.
re: New camera for wife
9 Jun 2007 at 00:38 GMT
number of posts: 220
member since: 1 Oct 06
location: en

status: offline
Some of the little Olympus have different coloured bodies, including a pinkish red, and they're waterproof/weathersealed too.
liam beattie 
re: New camera for wife
29 Aug 2007 at 16:20 GMT
number of posts: 11
member since: 25 Jul 07
location: za

status: offline
hi there

not sure if this is related to another post on another forum but the FZ50 has been wondrful for me as a first time photographer. It has allowed me to learn at my own pace by starting on auto and then progressing to manual ans hutter settings. Its reasonably priced for a 10 megapixel and its quality is good. As one gets better you can add telescopic adapters, wide angle lenses and all sorts of others. I have had it for 10 months now and havent looked back
re: New camera for wife
7 Oct 2018 at 04:18 GMT
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