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8fps from NIKON D300 without batery grip
20 Jun 2008 at 20:39 GMT
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I hope I am not going over what has already been posted, but here goes.

For all NIKON D300 owners out there, there is a way of getting a genuine 8 frames per second without having to shell out many spondoolies on the official NIKON battery grip.

Check out YOU TUBE where you will see a short two minute video on how to make the settings on your camera. I'm a complete buffoon and it took me a few minutes to do myself. The end result, 8fps!

I was about to shell out 160 on Amazon for a new battery grip, which itself is cheap compared to the 260 retail price. Now I do not need to.

Once set, all you do is hold the function button whilst presing the shutter release and, hey presto 8fps. Blooming marvellous. Now all I need is a spare battery rather than the expensive battery grip.
re: 8fps from NIKON D300 without batery grip
8 Jan 2009 at 05:18 GMT
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could you please spell out the way how to do it?

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