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Alan Nyiri 
Viewing our photoblogs
14 Jan 2009 at 04:11 GMT
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As a new member here, I'm concerned about the quality of viewing our work. I work on a calibrated WizBang 500 moniter, but when I view these images on the web on other folks' uncalibrated systems, they sometimes look flat. Even on my high-end Dell laptop, also calibrated, they haven't always looked their best. So now I prep my images on my studio moniter, and finish them on my laptop before posting to the web. I'm assuming most people are either using laptops or uncalibrated moniters, so now I'm aiming for the "largest" common denominator. Until the day when we all have calibrated systems, this will have to do.
Any thoughts about a methodology which allows most images to look good on most moniters?

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