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help uploading pictures
3 Sep 2009 at 20:12 GMT
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member since: 3 Sep 09
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ok, i'm sure i'm missing something here.. i've uploaded 5 pictures but only one shows up, they are all there in my manage photos section but only one shows at a time when you look at the page

my name on here is groovymike

hope someone can help solve this problem... thanks
re: help uploading pictures
6 Sep 2009 at 16:07 GMT
number of posts: 49
member since: 14 Sep 06
location: uk

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I'm sure you've figured this out by now Michael - only one picture a day gets displayed, you choose the date each one will become visible. Welcome to SC btw
re: help uploading pictures
16 Sep 2009 at 00:12 GMT
number of posts: 7
member since: 14 Sep 09
location: uk

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Hi Groovy Mike - you can specify a date that is already past and that will put your picture direct into the archive.
You can click the "Archive" link at any time and view all the pictures in the archive.
re: help uploading pictures
28 Dec 2017 at 17:50 GMT
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