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11 Jun 2007 at 14:33 GMT
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Hi guys

I have noticed a few of you using watermarks on your work. I would like to do the same and know how to make a water mark in CS2 but I can't work out how to save it as a template or I am just too lazy to find out, lol.

Any easy way of doing this process?


re: Watermarks
16 Nov 2009 at 21:31 GMT
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1 Create the logo using text in Photoshop - ie. Make a text layer, press and hold the Alt Key and type 0169 this will give you the normal copyright logo. Press Ctrl+T and make it as large enough to fit the canvas you're working on. Then right click on the text layer in the layers palet and choose "Convert to shape" then go to step 2 below.

2 To add the shape the library, choose 'Define Custom Shape' from the "Edit' menu and name the item 'watermark'. Click 'OK'.

3 Open an image with a typical resolution you consider to be suitable for printing (ideally between 200 - 300 ppi) - this will be the test image.

4 In the 'Preferences', check that the 'Units and Rulers' are set to 'Inches'. 'Units' set to 'Pixels' or 'Percent' create a watermark that changes size based on the files resolution and will prove unreliable.

5 Select from the 'Toolbox' the 'Custom Shape Tool' (U), found under the 'Rectangle Tool'. In the 'Options' bar, click on the drop-down menu for 'Shape' and select your shape named 'watermark'.

6 In the image, place the 'Custom Shape Tool' close to where you want the watermark with a small margin of approximately 5mm from the edge of the document. Holding the 'Shift' key, drag the 'Custom Shape' until it fits the area.

7 From the 'Layer' menu, choose 'New' and select 'Layer'. Name the layer 'watermark' and click 'OK'.

8 Choose from the 'Edit' menu 'Fill', and select the fill 'Contents' to be white. Click 'OK'.

9 From the 'Layer' menu, choose 'Create Clipping Mask'and you should now have a white logo in the style of your watermark.

10 Click on the Shape Layer and again, from the 'Layer' menu, choose 'Layer Style' and select 'Blending Options'.

Set the 'Layer Style' as follows:

Blending Options: Default
General Blending
Blend Mode: Soft Light
Opacity: 100%

Advanced Blending
Fill Opacity: 0%

Tick and select 'Drop Shadow'

Drop Shadow

Blend Mode: Multiply
Opacity: 75&

Angle: 135deg
Distance: 6 (this can vary to suit your taste)
Spread: 0
Size: 12 (I always double the 'Distance' to establish the 'Size'.)

Contour: Linear
Noise: 0%

Tick and select 'Bevel and Emboss'

Bevel and Emboss (Default Settings)

Style: Inner Bevel
Technique: Smooth
Depth: 100%
Direction: Up
Size: 5
Soften: 0

Angle: 30deg
Altitude: 30
Gloss Contour: Linear
Highlight Mode: Screen 75%
Shadow Mode: Multiply 75%

Tick and select 'Contour'. Leave at the default which should be:

Contour: Linear
Anti-aliased: Unchecked
Range: 50%

Now, click 'OK' to accept all styles.

12 Finally, adjust the opacity of the 'watermark' layer in the 'Layers' palette to a point where it is visible but not offensive. (I used 60%, but this will differ to suit your own tastes)

This only works with images at 300 dpi, if you want to use it for an image at 72dpi then you will have to recreate it for 72dpi and set your blending attributes to suit that size.
re: Watermarks
25 Mar 2015 at 09:39 GMT
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Previously I was not good enough in photoshop but only for the passion of logo design I have learnt this technique. I will try to apply some of the tutorials here to get the idea of designing a simple but impressive logo soon.
re: Watermarks
12 Aug 2017 at 14:37 GMT
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re: Watermarks
16 Sep 2017 at 09:26 GMT
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