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Harebells processed in Raw
7 Aug 2007 at 19:13 GMT
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Maxblack asked how I had processed my Harebells image of 3 August and I thought maybe it might be of use to others so here's the original (terrible) image so that if you want, you can compare the before and after.

I'm terrible for tinkering and not really noting what I'm doing - certainly doesn't help if it works and you want to apply the same to another image! I was trying to achieve what I had first thought of in my mind's eye. What I had wanted was a light, bright, colourful, sunlit effect but by the time I got to the dunes, it had become overcast and was getting duller by the minute so I tried to create the effect afterwards. I went back to shoot these in lovely sunlight on another day but of course, you get harsh shadows appearing everywhere and a totally different effect altogether. So in fact, this has taught me that the first set of weather conditions is more likely to give me what I want in a digital file than actual bright sunlight and working in raw allows you huge latitude for manipulation. These are the notes of what I did.

In Raw Original Adjustment

Temp 5000 4000
tint -7 -5
Exposure 0.00 +2.0
Shadow 5 20
Brightness +50 +35
Contrast +25 +35
Saturation +25 +25

Then in Photoshop I made sure the sliders were at each end of the scales for red and green and left blue alone (I think there was just a tiny adjustment, can't really remember now), a fraction of adjustment in curves towards slightly more contrast ie. making a very slight 's' shape with the central marker remaining at the central point and a little sharpening in unsharp mask to get a sharper edge on the lower point of the main bell.
re: Harebells processed in Raw
7 Aug 2007 at 19:15 GMT
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Opps! That was me - Pixelpixie posting Harebells in Raw. I must have been timed out!
Patrick Krolis 
re: Harebells processed in Raw
14 Aug 2007 at 19:24 GMT
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I assume from the Raw Origina Adjustment, that you did the first part of your processing in Lightroom and then further edited it in photoshop. Awesome result, and yes an old portrait photographer friend of mine who passed away 2 years ago, always had a love for overcast days to shoot portraits outdoors. If only he had known the power of Raw adjustments in his day, he would be world famous today
re: Harebells processed in Raw
16 Oct 2017 at 10:01 GMT
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