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Helping a Newbie Who is Frustrated
13 Jul 2006 at 19:08 GMT
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I am excited about my site, but I have several questions that I have not been able to figure out yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated:

1. Here is what I *think* my site is named (URL name):

However, I cannot see my photograph I uploaded for a test image. So, I am thinking my URL Is something else that I don't quite understand. Whatever the name should be (I submitted "mysaginaw"), I would be greatly appreciative to know.

2. When I uploaded my image, it *did* put the watermark on... I like that.... but it put the image into the "unassigned" folder... which is the only folder I have currently. I cannot seem to find any button or link to get to a place where I can name a photograph and name folders and assign folders to place the images into.

Thank you!
re: Helping a Newbie Who is Frustrated
13 Jul 2006 at 23:49 GMT
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Whatever your alias it should appear in the format:


I've had a look and there isn't anything listed yet so your shot may still be unassigned. Not being one of the techie guys means I would only see you if you have a featured shot.

Your other question, about assigning shots, just means that you're shot lacks a date to feature. Go back to your unassigned folder and click on the shot, click on edit and then you should see the options for setting the date; today, tomorrow or other. If you click other you can choose a date. When you have assigned a date the shot will enter your photo queue until that date and then it will appear for all to see.

Hope that helps
re: Helping a Newbie Who is Frustrated
28 Jul 2006 at 17:55 GMT
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Could it be a problem with caching? I know I've had some teething difficulties with my browser caching an older page.

As for the URL, I created my site today, and I also don't have yet, I just supposed it took 24hours to filter through to the DNS servers.

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