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John  [admin] 
[Announcement] 04 Oct 2010 New image processing library implemented!
4 Oct 2010 at 09:42 GMT
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After a long time and much, much cursing (I mean sailors would blush it was unexpectedly that bad!) we've managed to implement a new image processing algorithm which from extensive tests seems to ensure a far greater fidelity to your original image, even when processed.

For example, in the past when you uploaded an image and selected it to be watermarked, it sometimes occurred that the resulting image turned out a bit less vibrant. This does not seem to be the case with this new library.

Also, when re-saving the resultant image as a jpg (for example when downsizing from the original jpg), it seems the new algorithm is far better and chances of artefacts are far lower.

We've also found the integration of the watermark to be better and the sharpening to be more accurate.

Note: we still have in the system the option to skip the processing of the large image (that is to say, the system just renames the file thus ensuring it is exactly how you intended it). This is done:
- If you upload a portrait image with height of 700 pixels and do not select either watermarking or sharpening
- If you uploaded a landscape image with width of 700 pixels for the original template, or between 700 and 100 pixels (inclusive) on the minimalist template

The only thing we're uncertain of is how it handles AdobeRGB-spaced images (as this is a non-standard colour space and the output can also be dependent on your browser).

Please let us know in this thread of any issues you encounter. We'll be monitoring it closely for the next few days.


Guest  [admin] 
re: [Announcement] 04 Oct 2010 New image processing library implemented!
8 Mar 2018 at 15:21 GMT
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